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Saint Hill International Arts Festival 2012 to Help Artists Earn a Living from their Art

Saint Hill International Arts Festival 2012

The Festival, now in its 21st year, will start with Mozart's masterpiece, Gran Partita for 13 Wind Instruments which was featured in the film "Amadeus", and end with a rock concert called “Smoke on the Water” by the Saint Hill Lake

East Grinstead, West Sussex – The 21st Saint Hill International Arts Festival takes place 18-25 August 2012. The theme this year is to help artists unlock their ability to earn a living from their art. A week packed with concerts and workshops is planned. Humanitarian L Ron Hubbard who lived at Saint Hill Manor from 1959-67 and was also a professional artist in many fields, considered art an extremely important part of life. This inspired the Saint Hill International Arts Festival.

The festival opens on Saturday 18 August with a world-class classical concert, presented by conductor Andrew Skirrow and bassoonist Tom Hardy, who have collected together some of the finest wind players in London for a spectacular evening of Mozart and Schumann. The Blaze Ensemble are joined by actress Georgina Roberts to bring another dimension to the music with some readings of Mozart's letters.

The first half will begin with an arrangement by Andrew Skirrow of Robert Schumann's early Overture, Scherzo and Finale Op. 52 for the same combination of wind instruments as the famous Serenade No. 10 for winds in B flat major, K. 361/370a, (also known as Gran Partita) that makes up the second half of the concert.

For those unfamiliar with the sound of wind instruments in this combination, prepare to be enchanted. After all, "Harmoniemusik" (German for Harmony Music) was the choice entertainment for kings and queens throughout Europe in the 18th Century. But many will already know this particular sound as it is featured in the film Amadeus. The concert is free of charge.

Saint Hill Castle, East Grinstead
On Sunday 19 August, it’s Summertime Swing 2012 hosted by the UK's number one jive band The Jive Aces who recently made the semi final of Britain’s Got Talent. On the same day, Hollywood actress Lee Purcell who was personally chosen for her first feature film by Steve McQueen in his company's production of Adam at Six A.M., co-starring Michael Douglas, will deliver a three-day intensive professional course on How to Work on Camera: TV and Film Techniques. On Tuesday 21 August, there will be an evening performance based on Lee’s workshops and this is already proving very popular.

On Wednesday 22 August, professional event and portrait photographer Samantha Wordie will give away the secrets of pro photography.

On Thursday 23 August, there will be an all-day professional workshop for writers in any genre such as novels, poems or lyrics or even newsletters. This is a first at this arts festival and many budding writers are expected to attend.

A unique one-day seminar will be delivered by Kitty Atkinson MA (Hons) and Kirsteen Benson BA (Hons) on Friday 24 August entitled Unlock your ability to make a living from your art which will personally and individually give attendees the tools they need to succeed in their chosen field, including a step-by-step program to follow throughout the coming year.

Smoke on the Water
The grand finale of the festival is the rock concert extravaganza down by the Saint Hill Lake entitled “Smoke on the Water” featuring rock bands Iron Tyger, Fel Fish Parsley, Press Gang and Meatloaf at Mary’s. This will be put on by the East Grinstead International Arts Festival who also put on a Smoke on the Water concert last year. Both of these concerts were sponsored by Barratt Homes.

In addition, throughout the week, there will be an extensive art exhibition throughout Saint Hill Castle and grounds.

Sheila Gaiman, Executive Producer of the Arts Festival, said: “This is very much an international festival and there will be attendees from many parts of the world. Last year, 20 different countries were represented and we are hoping to beat that this year, especially as the theme is how to earn a living from your art.”

There will be a grand opening of the festival on the terrace of Saint Hill Manor on Saturday August 18 August that includes the ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by the opening classical concert.

Click here to buy tickets: 

For opening classical concert tickets (Free of Charge), contact Marion Shuster on 01342 312824 or email

For Festival tickets (£40 per day or £150 all-inclusive for the week), contact Siobhan on 07737 805191 or email

For Smoke on the Water tickets (£10), contact

For more information, please contact:

Kirsteen Benson
Executive Director
Saint Hill International Arts Festival
07799 201417

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